Inca war shield found in Peru

Rangers at the Cordillera de Colan Reserved Zone in Amazonas, northern Peru, have found what is believed to be an Inca citadel as well as some stone and metal artifacts during a routine patrolling in the Cajaruro district.

Biologist Leyda Gueiler said the metal artifact (pictured) seems to be a war shield while the stone ornaments were carved into the shape of leaves.

"This well preserved artifact is strong evidence that the ancient cultures in Amazonas did develop metal-smithing," said Gueiler.

As for the likely discovery of a citadel that dates back to Inca times, she said a team of archaeologists is to arrive in the area to examine the ruins which are still covered with vegetation.

The head of Cordillera de Colan Reserved Zone, Cesar Bartra, announced that the Regional Directorate of Culture in Chachapoyas has already been informed about these discoveries.

Fonte: (14/12/2010)


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